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Traisental - A cultural region

Monastery Herzogenburg

The steeple of the Augustinian Abbey of Herzogenburg can already be seen from far away. When you come closer, you can also see carefully renovated houses. Between April and October, the art exhibition in the abbey is open to the public.

Next to the abbey and on the main square of the town hall, you can watch the beautiful, ancient mansions. One of them, the "Reither-Haus", the former town hall of the "Unterer Markt" could have been restored by the city office.

It is now used as a cultural meeting point for readings, exhibitions and other cultural activities. This house also accommodates the tourist board of the Traisental-Donau region and a wine shop with products of the regional wine makers..

Baroque museum Gutenbrunn-Heiligenkreuz

The castle Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn, which hosts the Lower Austrian Baroque museum since 1964, provides an especially attractive ambiance for watching Baroque art. The late Baroque castle has been built by Johann Ohmeyer drawing on the parish and pilgrimage church Mariä Himmelfahrt. A beautiful staircase, the frescoe by Paul Troger in the former castle chapel as well as the cuppola frescoe and the altar image by Franz Anton Maulbertsch are worth this cultural excursion.

Castle Walpersdorf, Inzersdorf-Getzersdorf

Probably, it is there since the 12th - 14th century. The main part of the castle was built from 1577 till 1619 by Freiherr von Jörger. It is from this period that the square courtyard "Rote Hof" dates, the castle chapel, the gate tower towards Inzersdorf and the living area. The former "knight's hall", today an event location, was once home to a silk weaving mill.

Shrine route Inzersdorf-Getzersdorf

The Lower Austrian Shrine Route is a hiking and cycling trail where the stone witnesses of our past become alive again. The route was designed and opened in 1988 and newly marked in 1997.

Museum of local history Nussdorf ob der Traisen

After the complete renovation of the castle cellar and the building of show rooms in the upper floor in 1993, the most recent and interesting archaeological findings of the region around St. Pölten are presented there. Original situations and reconstructions of life images have also been designed to enhance the visit to this museum.

Sitzenberg - Reidling

Several cultural events take place in Sitzenberg, first mentioned in the 19th century. Ensembles of the Wiener Philharmoniker and international choirs have many times drawn public attention to this village, and that's why Sitzenberg-Reidling is known as a secret music tip among music lovers in the Lower Austrian central region. Reidling is home to one of the few neo-classicistic parish churches of Lower Austria, which has recently been renovated.