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Between the southern river bank of the Danube and the capital of Lower Austria, St. Pölten, the Traisental lies. It is Austria's oldest and at the same time youngest wine growing area. Findings dating back to the early Bronze Age give reasons for that. Ever since, wine growing has marked tradition and history in this region. In the middle of fertile fields and extensive Au woods, you can search for the lovely wine terraces.

The southern neighbour of the well-known wine growing regions Wachau, Kremstal, Kamptal and Wagram is known as a secret tip to wine connaisseurs. Whereas some wines have already known international recognition, the typical Heurigen taverns are still quiet and cosy. Above all, the local wine growers appreciate personal contact with their guests.

Enjoy and relax

The Traisental is an especially attractive region in the Mostviertel. The picturesque landscape with its gently rolling hills invites you to do beautiful cycling tours, exciting picnics in the vineyards, romantic sleigh rides or long walks.

Cycling and hiking through the Traisental

Comfortable cycling routes accompany the Traisen river on her way; hiking routes will lead you through the vineyards or to selected "Marterl" and shrines with holy images, typical of the Traisental.
Everywhere, Heurigen taverns invite you to take a rest.
By the way, the density of these taverns is the greatest in all of Austria.

Discover the Traisental, its culture and its traditions....

The Abbey Herzogenburg with its impressive church counts among the most beautiful Baroque creations of Austria. The Roman gate and the excavations in Traismauer will you remind you of this ancient period of settlement. Sitzenberg-Reidling invites you with a visit to its mighty castle and its various leisure possibilities around the castle lake. The Heurigen taverns of the Ahrenberger cellar lane invite you for tastings of light and fresh wines all year long.

Castle Walpersdorf in Inzersdorf-Getzersdorf is one of the few Renaissance buildings in Lower Austria. There is also a small number of lovely museums: the museum of local history in Nussdorf, the Baroque museum in Heiligenkreuz in Gutenbrunn or the museum of local history in the former "hunger tower" of Traismauer. Mighty Baroque mansions, tender art nouveau style and exceptional works of modern art invite you to visit St. Pölten. And did you know that the geographical centre of Lower Austria lies here? At the Max-Schubert lookout point in Kapelln.

Veltliner wine of all sorts

With a wine growing surface of 702 ha, the Traisental is the smallest wine growing region of Lower Austria. The most planted grape variety is the Grüner Veltliner, growing around the wine villages Inzersdorf-Getzersdorf, Nussdorf, Reichersdorf and Traismauer featuring quite diverse soils. The result? An exciting variety of typical, Austrian Veltliner wines.
Riesling and Burgundy grape varieties also find good conditions here. The Danube and Traisen rivers work as a heat reservoir. The leading wine growers reach top quality, international recognition and are among the best white wine producers of this country.

Cycling and hiking through the vineyards

A harmonic couple: Our region has a lot to offer to cyclists and wine lovers that are in for a stroll through this beautiful, peaceful landscape. Various hiking routes along the east end of the Traisen river are offered to visitors coming for the wine and the hiking possibilities. Picturesque vineyards and fruit orchards offer a wonderful view over the Traisen and Danube river valleys.

Cellar lane celebrations and farmers' markets - indispensable in the Traisental

Wine and social life are inseparable in the Traisental: The traditional Heurigen taverns are a centre for wine lovers, guests and locals alike, be it simple, fresh young wines or first class quality and awarded wines. Additionally, the various cellar lane celebrations and farmers' markets taking place in the different villages of the Traisental provide for a truly "wineful" ambiance all year long, from spring till late autumn.

The Traisental is worth your visit

Recently, the fame of the wine growing area has taken on enormously.
More and more often, wines from our region can be found at some of the best restaurants of this country. Our aim now is to be extend this fame to all of Austria and even further.

Celebrating wine in the Traisental

The calendar of events holds a broad spectrum of events for all those looking for wine and wine experiences - from beginners to connaisseurs, from spring till autumn.
Whereas in spring and summer wine is the main actor, the autumnal celebrations feature light, sweet, halfway fermented grape must, also called "Sturm".

The Traisental Wine Autumn is an obligation for enthusiastic visitors. Cabarets, classic concerts, the typical cellar lane parties and the noble wine baptism events in November are characteristic to this region.